Interested in providing product samples for the VIP Diaper Bags?

  • Please fill out the form below to include an item in each of the 200 VIP Diaper Bags at the Grand Rapids Baby and Beyond Expo.

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  • All 200 items for the VIP Diaper Bags must be delivered to the following address by September 6, 2019:

    Gemini Media
    c/o Andrea Straw, Marketing & Events Manager
    401 Hall St. SW #331, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    Items not received by Gemini Media by September 6, 2019 will not be included in the VIP Diaper Bags. By submitting the information above, you grant Gemini Media the rights to use this information for purposes of the VIP Diaper Bag promotions.

    Questions? Contact Andrea Straw: (616) 459-4545

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